Which is the Best Year for Ford Ranger and Why

Are you looking to purchase a Ford Ranger and curious to know which year is the best? If so, you’ve come to the correct place since we’ll go over everything you need to know about buying a Ford Ranger.

It is wise to conduct an adequate study before entering the industry. Purchasing a car is not like going grocery shopping, so you must thoroughly research every aspect of the model you intend to buy before making a choice and forking over the cash.

This is what I’m saying since there are several models out there that are quite badly made and have numerous manufacturing flaws. In some situations, these manufacturing flaws might cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

This can cause you a great deal of frustration and ruin your day because the automobile will cost a lot of money to fix. And that’s probably not what you want.

Because of this, we’ll learn what the Ford Ranger is in this article and discuss its most recent iterations. The specifications and potential issues for each of them will then be covered.

The finest Ford Ranger year for each of these generations will be discussed last. So let’s start.

The Ford Ranger: What Type of Vehicle Is It?

But first, let’s discuss the best year for the Ford Ranger and its difficulties. Let’s start by discussing the fundamentals of the Ranger. Learning which category the Ford Ranger falls under is crucial for individuals who have no prior knowledge of the vehicle.

In essence, the Ford Ranger is a mid-size pickup vehicle. As a result, it is smaller than the RAM 1500, Chevy Silverado, and Ford F-150. Due to its increased compactness, the Ranger is the best option for people looking for pickup trucks with a smaller form factor. Since not everything is a matter of size.

A tiny truck has a ton of advantages to driving. Another advantage of owning a Ford Ranger rather than an F-150 is that parking spaces are easier to come by, and it is also easier to maneuver through tiny streets. Additionally, compared to the Ford F-150, the Ranger has far more inexpensive and less expensive operating costs.

1. Ford Ranger PX XLT 4WD
Ford Ranger (PX) XLT 4WD by EurovisionNim / CC BY-SA 4.0. The Ford Ranger has been created since 1983. The Ford Ranger is a powerful car, but it faces some stiff competition. Overall, the midsize pickup truck has received mixed reviews from regular customers.

The Ranger may be fixed for far less money. as buying this truck is much less expensive. The Ford Ranger should therefore be at the top of your list if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on repairs. Nevertheless, there are issues with the Ford Ranger as well. because no automobile is flawless. All of them have problems, perhaps some more so than others.

It largely depends on luck as well. But you shouldn’t depend on good fortune. If you don’t want to buy a lemon, your best option is to find out which Ford Ranger year suits you. And we’re going to support you there.

Which Is the Best Year for Ford Ranger?

The Ford Ranger is a powerful truck that has developed over time. The Ford Ranger is a powerful truck that has developed over time. But which year is ideal for the Ford Ranger?

Since 1983, the Ford Ranger has been manufactured. Although the Ford Ranger is a formidable vehicle, it is up against some tough competition. Overall, faithful buyers of the midsize pickup truck have given it mixed evaluations.

There is the 2019 Ford Ranger, a midsize pickup truck for drivers who don’t live for superlatives. The vehicle outperforms the majority of its category competitors when it comes to pick-up chores. Additionally, it does not require much parking area and can transport and tow all that you require.

Shopping for groceries is not the same as buying a car. Before making a purchase, it is crucial to perform your due diligence and research the model thoroughly. The price of the 2019 Ford Ranger is significantly increased by the availability of numerous alluring packages.

However, following comprehensive testing, we’ve determined that the 2019 Ford Ranger is the greatest model year.

The 2019 Best Year for Ford Ranger Review

Below is a comprehensive review of the 2019 Ford Ranger and why we picked it as the best year for Ford Ranger.

The Exterior Features

While appealing, the 2019 Ranger is not particularly striking. It has a non-offensive style. Customers may give their truck personality by selecting different colors, trim, grille, and wheel options.

Examples of options that can change the Ranger’s overall appearance include the Black Appearance, Sport Appearance, STX Appearance, Chrome Appearance, and many more.

The Interior Features

The cabin of the 2019 Ford Ranger is roomy and can fit a family of four. The interior of the 2019 Ford Ranger resembles an SUV more than a pickup truck. It lacks the larger F-150’s sophisticated industrial design.

The entire dashboard is covered in plush synthetic leather, giving it a more premium appearance. The majority of inside surfaces, however, are constructed of hard plastic, which might deteriorate with time.

Furthermore, there is no softer padding on the upper door panel sills; instead, they are made of hard plastic. Leaning on the armrest causes your arm or elbow to sink into the firm texture underneath since it is plush and velvety. The large rim of the steering wheel offers a secure grip.

2. Vermillion Red Ford Ranger
Vermillion Red Ford Ranger by Audiogodz1 / CC BY-SA 3.0. Mid-size pickup trucks include the Ford Ranger. Its size is thus smaller than that of the RAM 1500, Chevy Silverado, and Ford F-150. For those looking for pickup trucks with a smaller form factor, the Ranger is the perfect choice because of its increased compactness, because size isn’t the only factor in everything.

During our testing, there were a few quality flaws, but nothing to be particularly concerned about. The cloth hook that was used to pull the rear center armrest down was ripping with less than 6,000 miles on the clock.

In addition, the front seatback appeared to be canted toward the center of the car when seated in the passenger seat behind the driver, almost as if it were bent.

The Seats

We believe that appearances can be deceiving in this case because when we were in the driver’s seat of the 2019 Ranger, it did not feel like the seat back was bent.

It does, however, give you the impression of sitting in a BarcaLounger with plush, leather-covered seats. This could be excellent for relaxing and watching a movie, but it’s not so ideal for vehicles.

Drivers have a hard time relaxing despite the plush chairs. Additionally, the seating area is somewhat congested, which is a major issue for tall drivers. But as soon as you start using the truck frequently, you’ll grow used to the seats and notice no difference in how you drive.

The backseat of the midsize pickup truck is comfortable. Legroom is adequate, and the lightly padded front and back seats add to the comfort of the seats.

It also has two USB connections and a 110-volt 3-prong power outlet for passengers, however, the rear lacks air conditioning vents, which could be problematic in really hot weather.

The Climate Control System

The Ranger’s air conditioning takes some time to completely cool the interior’s black leather, even if the truck has no trouble controlling the hot or humid weather conditions. The automatic climate control system in the 2019 Ford Ranger might be improved.

In addition, The Ranger uses switches to control the temperature rather than knobs. The switches are challenging to notice, particularly while you’re driving and wearing gloves. For some customers, this makes the system highly ineffective and difficult to use.

The Infotainment System

The greatest infotainment system is found in the 2019 Ford Ranger. The greatest infotainment system is found in the 2019 Ford Ranger. The Sync 3 system has an 8-inch touchscreen and supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Additionally, it has a navigation system, FordPass Connect with a 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection, and Sync AppLink with Alexa integration. Two quick-charge USB connections and a Bang & Olufsen B&O Play 10-speaker audio system were also provided.

The radio’s controls, in contrast to the climate controls, include substantial tuning and volume knobs. You can comprehend where you wish to travel while using Sync 3 and the voice activation navigator.

Although it does not use the high-end parts that you may find in luxury trucks, the Bang & Olufsen sound system is fantastic and is very well-liked by customers.

The Space and Storage

The Ranger has a respectable amount of storage space, but it could be even better without the odd hand-operated emergency stop on the center console.

Although there are no trays, bins, or cubbies, most customers do not object. The Ranger’s tailgate is not dampened. It doesn’t seem very light, just thuds on the ground. There are six cargo tie-downs on the bed, but none of them are movable.

3. A 2019 Ford Ranger XLT Super Cab

A 2019 Ford Ranger XLT Super Cab by Kevauto / CC BY-SA 4.0. There is the 2019 Ford Ranger, a midsize pickup truck for drivers who don’t live for superlatives. When it comes to pick-up tasks, the vehicle surpasses the bulk of its competitors in the same category. It can haul and move everything you need while requiring little parking space.

The Visibility and Safety

Although the driver’s seat is not particularly comfy, the outside view is excellent. Additionally added to help are parking assist sensors and a typical reversing camera. Every Ranger comes with automatic emergency braking and forwards collision warning as standard equipment.

Additionally available on the XLT and Lariat model levels is Ford Co-Pilot 360 technology. This package comes with a blind-spot monitoring system, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, driver attention monitoring, automatic high-beam headlamps, and lane-keeping assistance. It also includes a rear cross-traffic alert with trailer coverage.

That’s a lengthy list of safety features for a midsize truck, and everything on the LX model is optional. Therefore, congrats to Ford! The Ranger’s stability control activates quickly due to Lariat’s significant suspension motion. But it’s done subtly.

The Transmission and Engine Specs

Every Ranger comes standard with a 2.3 liter 4-cylinder turbocharged, direct-injected engine with energy-saving automatic start/stop technology. The engine’s 270 horsepower and 310 lb.-ft. of torque is controlled by a 10-speed automatic transmission. You will have to decide between 2-wheel drive, 4-Hi, or 4-Lo because the optional 4-wheel-drive system doesn’t have an automatic mode.

The Ranger can tow a trailer weighing up to 7,500 pounds and deliver payloads up to 1,860 pounds. Although thirsty, the 4-cylinder turbo engine is amazing. It accelerates quickly, has a strong passing ability, and makes a great sound when revved.

Not as smooth is the 10-speed automatic transmission. It frequently transitions easily, but not always. A sharp shove from the rear axle occasionally occurs during upshifts, which might surprise the driver.

When turning and reversing, there is a sensation that is similar to axle binding. The drivetrain’s overall quality may be improved.

The Fuel Economy

The Ranger 4WD should achieve 22 miles per gallon when traveling in mixed traffic, according to the EPA. The test truck got 19.6 mpg on the testing loop. Given that 91 percent of midsize truck buyers choose cars with high maintenance costs, this gap could lead to customer unhappiness.

The Driving Experience

The Ranger’s steering is slow, as one would expect from a truck, yet it provides consistent weighting throughout the range of motion. When on the highway, there isn’t a dead area in the middle, providing the truck with a much-needed sense of solidity. Additionally, the brakes are in fantastic condition; there are no pedal feel or response issues.

Ford needs to adjust the Ranger’s suspension calibration. The Ranger’s bouncy ride and shaky cornering grip quickly grow tiresome. On flat pavement, this results in an exhilarating carpet ride, but the Ranger’s roly-poly handling and ride characteristics wear thin quickly.

The street leading to the school for my kids had speed bumps, and the back end of the car bounced over them. Everyone’s heads may be thrown back and forth by the Ranger’s rolling and rattling as it enters driveways or spots itself.

It may wobble and swing when it climbs a twisty mountain road, but it can nevertheless skitter along a street with potholes and cracked pavement.

4. 2001 Ford Ranger 4X4 Turbo Diesel 2.5
2001 Ford Ranger 4X4 Turbo Diesel 2.5 by Vauxford / CC BY-SA 4.0. Finding parking places and navigating through narrow streets are two additional benefits of having a Ford Ranger as opposed to an F-150. The Ranger also has far more affordable and less expensive operational costs than the Ford F-150.

Simply put, the Ranger does not feel sufficiently protected, therefore it is not advised for those seeking a comfortable, trouble-free ride. However, handling is predictable with light limitations.

The Quality & Comfort

The 2019 Ford Ranger’s interior is bigger than rival midsize pickup trucks’ interiors. The almost useless back seats in extended cabs cost them a point because the back doors open for storage or small animals, not for adults.

The front seats on the standard Ranger XL models can be adjusted for height and have a good view of the outside. Ford provides more supple front seats with driver lumbar adjustment when you select the Ranger XL with the STX appearance package.

On models with power front seats, such as Lariats, and some XLTs, both front passengers can adjust their lumbar and height.

Broad doors allow access to the crew cab’s back seats.

The backrest of some models’ rear benches is not adjustable, although they do have a flop-down armrest and two tiny built-in cup holders.

No Ford Ranger has a luxurious interior. The hard plastic is used to construct the dashboard, center console, and door panels. The dash top of the Ranger Lariat has a nice stitched panel, but it doesn’t brighten the atmosphere sufficiently to receive a bonus point.

Ford’s interior designers could use a bit more creativity when it comes to trim finishes, patterns, and materials as every Ranger, regardless of price, looks almost the same inside.

The Safety Features

All versions of the 2019 Ford Ranger are equipped with sufficient basic safety features, despite not having undergone crash testing yet. Active safety technology is included in the 2019 Ford Ranger, which is something we think is crucial.

It should therefore receive at least an above-average grade. We’ll have to wait till the NHTSA and IIHS have finished their crash tests.

The good news is that all Rangers equipped with pedestrian recognition and automated emergency braking leave the automaker’s manufacturing facility in the Detroit region.

Among its rivals, only the Toyota Tacoma comes with this life-saving technology as standard.

Every Ranger model features a package that includes active lane control, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot monitors.

The Performance

The 2019 Ford Ranger has a strong pickup truck engine below its hood. A 2019 Ford Ranger purchase is rather straightforward, at least in terms of the engine.

A 7 out of 10 is awarded to the 2019 Ford Ranger for its superb quick-shifting and engine gearbox. Additionally, it can tow 7,500 pounds.

The turbo-4 surpasses most competitors not because of its 270 horsepower but rather because of its 310 pound-feet of torque, so don’t be deterred by the engine’s size. The Ford Ranger has a 7,500-pound maximum towing capacity when a towing kit is selected as an option.

5. Ford Ranger
Ford Ranger by Rudolf Stricker / CC BY-SA 3.0. The 2011 Ford Ranger is still highly popular today. This car has a larger cab and two doors. Even with the expansion, the bed size is exceptional for a vehicle of this size. It also offers enough for five passengers in case you desire to move more priceless items.

Rear-drive extended-cab variants are also available with a 1,860-pound payload capacity. According to calculations, the rear-drive Ranger weighs about 4,000 pounds, and a crew cab with four-wheel drive that is fully equipped weighs almost 4,500 pounds.

The Ranger’s optional four-wheel-drive system is managed by a straightforward console-mounted knob. Rangers with the FX4 package have certain off-road traction control settings as well as a crawl control system that functions like a mud-ready cruise control system and lets the vehicle lope along at speeds between 1 mph and 20 mph.

The Ranger’s brake actuator does not rattle loudly like the Toyota Tacoma’s, despite having the same technology. The Ford system’s broad speed range also makes it appropriate for low-speed towing.

A separate ladder frame that has independent front suspension and a solid rear axle held in place by leaf springs support the Ranger. The Ranger rides less bouncy than its rivals do in most configurations, which is typical for a midsize truck.

Unlike most pickup trucks, it has direct, smooth electronic steering with uncommonly precise handling.

The Ranger’s relatively loud cabin is its primary competitive drawback. The extended-cab vehicle has more road and wind noise than is ideal, despite the Lariat having more sound-deadening technologies than the other trims.

Other Best Year for Ford Ranger Models of All-Time

As you can expect, there are quite a few ardent supporters who would only own a Ford Ranger vehicle. Many of these are still in use today since they were designed to be strong and long-lasting.

As a result, you may be wondering what the second-greatest year for Ford Ranger vehicles was. To help with that, we have created the list below.

The Ford Ranger Pickup 2WD Model Year 1988

Even though this truck was manufactured in 1988, it was made to last. Numerous people still travel the nation in them. Its 2.3 liters, 4-cylinder engine is constructed with a super cab.

Additionally, it boasts air conditioning and a five-speed manual transmission. That is a significant perk. Although it might not break any speed records, this model is nevertheless excellent enough to get the tenth slot.

The Ford Ranger Pickup 2WD Model Year 2000

For a variety of valid reasons, this tiny pickup truck was among the best-selling models of 2000. With this one, a package of trailhead options was given. As a result, the 2WD variant appeared to have 4WD capabilities.

It has 16-inch tires with excellent durability and all-terrain capability. Fog lamps are another option that some drivers in the nation may find useful. This truck now has improved suspension, making the ride more comfortable.

The Ford Ranger Pickup 4WD Model Year 2003

This pickup truck has an expanded cab and a short bed. It had two doors and a five-speed manual transmission. With 19 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway, the gas mileage was respectable.

6. 2017 Ford Ranger Limited

2017 Ford Ranger Limited by Vauxford  / CC BY-SA 4.0. The 2017 Ford Ranger’s spacious interior can accommodate a family of four. The 2019 Ford Ranger’s interior looks more like an SUV than a pickup truck. It lacks the more complex industrial design of the larger F-150.

The truck also has five seats that may be used, making it convenient. But that would be a close fit. If you fit two persons in this vehicle, you can travel anywhere in luxury. It ranks as the eighth-best Ford Ranger design ever made.

The Ford Ranger Model Year 2010

All things considered, the 2010 Ford Ranger is affordable. It had a price that was lower than other trucks in its class and used less fuel than average. It was offered in a 2WD version that could be driven off-road.

Many folks have been proud to own this robust truck. It had leather seat choices available. Additionally, it boasted a cutting-edge Pioneer audio system, which proved attractive to many drivers.

The Ford Ranger Pickup 2WD Model Year 2001

The area in front of the windscreen on the 2001 Ford Ranger was constructed using new metal. The model now acquired a fresh, little appearance that wasn’t present before.

This one had a monochrome exterior and was a sporty 2WD vehicle. It has 16-inch tires as well. This gave it an aggressive appearance that many other drivers thought resembled a 4WD. It sports a 2.3 liter, four-cylinder engine with an added cargo bed extension.

Anti-lock brakes were also a standard feature of this model. A three-piece split front bench seat and front bucket seats were both options for 2001. That is a convenient choice to have.

The Ford Ranger Model Year 2008

Because of the modifications made, the 2008 Ford Ranger is among the best models. You’ll see that this truck had a better, more aerodynamic front bumper than earlier models.

A passive anti-theft security system, which became standard with the 2008 model, is also advantageous to owners. Both a manual and automatic transmission were available, and there was also an audio input port.

To complete the picture, this Ranger was offered two distinct cab designs, three different engine options, and two different 16-inch wheel options.

The Ford Ranger Pickup 2WD Model Year1994

The Ford Ranger from 1994 that we’re discussing was a two-wheel drive. It is a typical cab that was thought to be extremely dependable. Many of these are still in use today, 25 years after they first hit the road. To top it all off, this truck uses between 21 and 24 miles per gallon of gasoline. That is extremely impressive for a car from the 1990s.

The Ford Ranger Model Year 2011

Even today, the 2011 Ford Ranger is still incredibly well-liked. This vehicle has two doors and an expanded cab. The bed size is still outstanding for a vehicle of this size even with the extension. Should you decide to transport additional priceless stuff, it also has space for five passengers.

The Ford Ranger Pickup 4WD Model Year 1999

The second most popular pickup for this model is the 1999 Ford Ranger Pickup 4WD. It is a short-bed, standard cab vehicle with a five-speed manual transmission. You may anticipate this one to achieve 22 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the freeway.

7. 2022 Ford Ranger Sport Double Cab
2022 Ford Ranger Sport Double-Cab by Chanokchon / CC BY-SA 4.0. The most recent Ford Ranger models are the greatest if you’re looking for guidance on which Ford Rangers to buy. These contemporary vehicles provide a lot at a fair price. On the used market, you might be able to find one for a lot less money.

The Ford Ranger Pickup Cab Chassis Model Year 1986

The most well-liked Ranger model can be found in 1986. They just don’t make them like this anymore, as many people claim. The gas mileage on this model was quite good for the 1980s. Expect to achieve a total of 18 mpg.

So there you have it: the second-greatest Ford Ranger model year ever. Are there any that you believe should have been included on the list but weren’t? To be honest, there are several excellent models available, so picking a Ranger is a decision you won’t regret.

Look over this list to discover which ones you have forgotten about for a very long time. You might just locate one nearby that’s for sale and decide to buy it!

The Conclusion

We have spoken a lot about the Ford Ranger in this essay. First, we discovered what the Ford Ranger is and why it’s a wise choice if you’re looking for a mid-size pickup truck.

Next, we discussed the greatest Ford Ranger model year, 2019, and discovered everything there is to know about it, including the trim levels, engines and gearboxes, fuel efficiency, safety, and other intriguing specs that a buyer would be interested in reading. After that, we discussed the top Ford Ranger options available besides the 2019 model.

If you’re looking for my advice, I’d suggest the most recent Ford Ranger models. These modern trucks provide a lot for a reasonable price. You might be able to get one much cheaper on the used market. You must search for a suitable example.

8. Best Year for Ford Ranger 9. Best Year for Ford Ranger
A 2019 Ford Ranger XLT Super Cab by Kevauto / CC BY-SA 4.0