What Is the Honda Super Cub Top Speed – All You Need to Know

Are you looking to buy a Honda Super Cub? If so, you’ve come to the correct place since we’ll go over all there is to know about this motorcycle. Additionally, there is the Honda Super Cub top speed. Because when purchasing a new motorcycle, speed is among the most crucial factors.

Many people want this compact motorcycle, which is still one of the best options available when it comes to Honda motorcycles. Throughout these many years of manufacturing, the timeless design has won the hearts of many young people and is still one of the greatest options available for those seeking that retro feel.

The production run of this model, which is a true 20th-century icon, reveals a lot about it. This motorcycle is so useful and attractive that people simply cannot get enough of it.

There is a mob of people waiting to take pictures of the Super Cub whenever one is there. And with this knowledge, you can be sure that owning this motorcycle will lead to many new friendships. And we’re going to support you there.

We will study everything there is to know about the Honda Super Cub in this essay. We shall begin by discussing this model’s history before moving on to its specifications and Honda Super Cub top speed.

Next, we’ll discuss your options for finding a comparable model that is available on the market. So let’s get going.

The Honda Super Cub: What Is It?

The Honda Super Cub is a basic motorbike made by Honda that has a single-piston, four-stroke engine with displacements ranging from 50cc to 124cc. The Honda Super Cub top speed, however, is what? Let’s first clarify what the underbone design is before getting to it.

1. Honda Super Cub 1st Generation 1958
Honda Super Cub, 1st Generation (1958) by Mj-bird / CC BY-SA 3.0. One of the longest manufacturing runs in history may be attributed to the Honda Super Cub design, which has been in production for more than 60 years. In 1958, the first motorcycles rolled off the production line. like the VW Beetle or Willy’s Jeep in style.

Due to the ease of importation into nearly every country, the underbone motorcycle design is quite well-liked in Asia, Europe, and other parts of the world.

However, outside of Asia, the term “underbone” is sometimes misconstrued since people believe that it refers to any kind of lightweight motorcycle, even if this isn’t the case. Because this motorcycle is an underbone because it possesses certain unique qualities. So what exactly are these traits?

The motorcycle’s core is implemented by the underbone as structural tube framing, which is subsequently wrapped in plastic. The term “underbone” originates from this. The plastic is intended to shield the internals from the elements and ensure that no water or other pollutants reach the engine. It also improves the scooter’s appearance.

These motorcycles are relatively simple to ride because the petrol tank is typically located under the driver’s seat. The rest of the traits are essentially identical. Specifically, the exhaust mounting, the engine architecture, and various other components.

These motorcycles have engines that range in size from 50 to 125 cc. To accommodate the low production cost, they are all air-cooled.

One of these bikes is the Honda Super Cub. The history of this model will be covered in the chapter after the specifications and Honda Super Cub top speed.

History of the Honda Super Cub

One of the earliest motorcycles with this underbone construction, which as we said has a steel tube design and is covered by a plastic shell, was the Honda Super Cub. In terms of this design, it’s also among the most well-liked motorcycles. has a global sales total of more than 100 million.

When Honda first released this model to the market in 1958, the first Honda Super Cub was born. This particular model was unique since it broke away from the conventional motorbike design and adopted something entirely new.

The motorcycles were significantly less expensive and more accessible to the common person who didn’t have much money to spend on a new motorcycle thanks to this underbone design.

The Super Cub is the ideal purchase in Asian nations where owning a motorcycle is far less expensive than purchasing a car. And for the price, the Honda Super Cub offered a lot of performance.

The Honda Super Cub design has been in use for more than 60 years, making it one of the longest manufacturing runs in history. The first motorcycles came off the assembly line in 1958. Similar to the VW Beetle or the Willy’s Jeep.

There are more than 15 nations in the world where the Honda Super Cub is built. A huge number of imitators are also using this design for their motorcycles.

2. Honda Super Cub Soba delivery Ver

Honda Super Cub Soba delivery Ver by Bert 2332 / CC BY 2.0. The first Honda Super Cub was created when Honda initially put this model on the market in 1958. This specific model was distinctive since it abandoned the traditional motorbike design and chose a brand-new approach. Thanks to this underbone construction, the motorcycles were substantially more affordable and more available to the average individual who didn’t have much money to spend on a new motorcycle.

This is due to the design’s classic appeal and the significant influence it had on motorcycling culture in general. Thus, the Super Cub became a genuine symbol.

People simply adore it because it is so distinctive and different from any other driving experience on American soil. You will make some friends with this motorcycle, I can assure you of that.

What are the Specs of a Honda Super Cub?

History and legacy have been extensively discussed. The Honda Super Cub’s style and type of motorcycle are other factors.

It’s time to study more about the specifications of this motorcycle right now. Because one of the most crucial factors when purchasing a motorcycle is its specifications.

You are purchasing while wearing a pair of blinders. And even if you spent a lot on a product, it is possible to acquire one that falls short of your expectations. We will discuss just that in this chapter, and the one after, we will learn about the Honda Super Cub top speed. So, let’s talk.

What are the Dimensions of the Honda Super Cub?

We’ll start with the measurements before moving on to more crucial details like this motorcycle’s performance.

On this motorcycle, the offset of the rake is around 26.5 degrees, and the trail is 2.8 inches. It is fairly small, with a wheelbase of 48.9 inches.

With just 30.7 inches of height, the seating position is not very high. The fuel tank is directly below the driver’s seat and has a one-gallon fuel capacity.

The motorcycle weighs 240 pounds in total. It should be noted that this weight includes all of the fluids required to operate this motorcycle. And in light of this, it is not actually that heavy.

What are the Designs of the Drivetrain and the Engine of the Honda Super Cub?

A powerful 124.9cc single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke engine powers the Honda Super Cub. The bore and stroke of this engine are 52.4 mm and 57.9 mm, respectively, with a 9.3:1 compression ratio.

This motorcycle’s engine has a single overhead camshaft, or SOHC, which increases its fuel efficiency. Additionally, it uses two valves per cylinder to ensure that you visit the gas station less frequently.

Additionally, its engine generates 9.7 horsepower, which is not much, but enough for this motorcycle to make it fairly fast. The Honda Super Cub top speed, however, is what? Later on, I’ll talk more about that, but for now, let’s look at the motorcycle’s transmission.

3. The Super Cub early push rod engine
The Super Cub’s early push-rod engine by Dbratland / CC BY-SA 3.0. The Honda Super Cub was one of the first motorcycles to use this steel tube underbone construction, which is protected by a plastic shell. It is also one of the most popular motorcycles of this style. has more than 100 million in global sales.

This engine uses a 4-speed semi-automatic transmission with an automatic centrifugal clutch as its transmission system.

The engine is not particularly strong overall. However, given how light the motorcycle is, it is rather decent. This results in a quite high Honda Super Cub top speed, but more on that when we discuss that subject in greater detail. Let’s now discuss the Super Cub’s suspension and braking system.

What are the Features of the Brakes and Suspension of the Honda Super Cub?

A 3.5-inch travel 26mm telescopic fork serves as the front suspension. This indicates that to be quite honest, the Super Cub’s amortization is rather good.

Two shock absorbers with 3.6 inches of travel are located on the back, which adds comfort and convenience to lengthy trips on rough roads.

The Super Cub sports a hydraulically controlled disc brake at the front that is 220mm in size. Additionally, it features some safety equipment. Specifically, ABS or anti-lock brakes will enable you to stop quickly and easily in an emergency

The front tires are 70/90/17 in size, while the rear tires are a little thicker at 80/90/17. Accordingly, the rear tire is 10mm thicker than the front tire. However, what about the Honda Super Cub top speed? We’ll talk more about that in the section that follows the pricing section.

How Much Does the Honda Super Cub Cost to Buy?

This motorcycle’s starting MSRP is $3,749. There is a $200 destination fee in addition to this cost. Additionally, as this is an MSRP, dealer prices may differ and be slightly more expensive than the base price. due to the payment of a few more modest fees.

Overall though, I think it’s worthwhile for a motorcycle like this. Even though it is not the most affordable, it is still an excellent alternative to take into account. We will discuss some of the additional alternatives open to you later in the post.

What are the Provisions In the Honda Super Cub Warranty?

If you buy this motorcycle brand-new from Honda, it comes with a one-year warranty. Although this warranty provides unlimited mileage, it is nevertheless in some ways “limited.” If you choose one of their plans, there is also the opportunity to extend the warranty.

Overall, getting a warranty is a good idea because you never know when anything can go wrong with your motorcycle and you could get a lemon. Therefore, possessing this will ensure that you are not let down in the end.

4. 2014 Honda Dream 110i Super Cub

2014 Honda Dream 110i Super Cub by Khaosaming / CC BY-SA 4.0. The Honda Super Cub is likely your best choice if you want to buy one of the fastest and most fuel-efficient motorcycles on the market. You won’t err if you follow that advice. But what is the highest speed of the Honda Super Cub? The top speed of the Super Cub will be discussed next.

You should get in touch with them for further details on the warranty to find out what they have to say about it and what they cover in terms of potential problems.

What are the Levels of the Honda Super Cub’s Emissions and Fuel Economy?

This motorcycle has exceptional fuel efficiency. receiving a mind-blowing 188.4 mpg. I haven’t encountered a car that is this fuel-efficient and can perform this well for this cheap in my entire career as a motor journalist.

Additionally, this motorcycle complies with all US EPA criteria. However, as Honda asserts, the California model may vary slightly as a result of the state’s tighter emission laws.

So, if you want to purchase one of the fastest and most fuel-efficient motorcycles available, the Honda Super Cub is probably the best option. And if you do that, you won’t make a mistake. The Honda Super Cub top speed, however, is what? Next, we’ll talk about the Super Cub’s top speed.

Honda Super Cub Top Speed: How High Can It Go?

So, we gradually got to the crucial part, which is the Honda Super Cub top speed. How quickly does the Honda Super Cub go?

The Super Cub can go at a top speed of 60 mph. To be honest, this model doesn’t feel all that comfy when traveling at peak speed and it shakes a little. Driving your vehicle below 50 would be recommended if you don’t want to be uncomfortable or put yourself at risk.

since 60 mph is the maximum speed allowed in public spaces. Using the motorcycle’s maximum speed might also cause internal damage and premature engine wear. So, it would be advisable to drive it at a lower RPM. At least until the engine is broken in and all the parts are in working order.

Of course, some motorcycles are faster. The Honda Super Cub, however, has a unique quality that makes you want to own one for yourself. I want to purchase one for myself. But how do I go about doing that? We will describe how to do this in the chapter that follows.

Can I Obtain a Honda Super Cub?

Many crucial details about the Honda Super Cub, including its history, specifications, and Honda Super Cub top speed, have been documented. It’s time to find out where and how to get one.

To buy one, you must begin your search online and discover more about the local motorbike retailers. It would be best to find out which of them are affiliated with Honda or even if Honda has a legitimate dealership in your city.

Then you ought to go there and educate yourself regarding the costs and other crucial matters like the warranty and what is covered by it.

5. 2018 Honda Super Cub C125

2018 Honda Super Cub C125 by Wilzz99 / CC BY-SA 4.0. The history, specifications, and top speed of the Honda Super Cub, among other important facts, have all been well-documented. Now is the time to learn where and how to obtain one. To purchase one, you must start your search online and learn more about the neighborhood motorcycle dealers. Finding out which of them is connected to Honda, or even if Honda has a real dealership in your location, would be preferable.

If you want to get a decent motorcycle that will serve you for a very long time into the future, being adequately informed is essential.

You will be able to buy the motorcycle if it is available on their lot and meets your specifications. In the absence of one, they can order one from the manufacturer. You may hold out till the motorcycle arrives at the nearby dealership.

But in situations like this, waiting for a motorcycle is time well spent. Because you are confident that you will receive a quality product for your money and that you will receive your new motorcycle in time for the upcoming season.

Which are the Different Options for the Honda Super Cub Top Speed?

We discussed the Honda Super Cub top speed and discovered a lot of information about this motorcycle. Let’s look at some alternatives to this or a comparable sort of motorcycle that you might wish to take into account.

This will come in handy because there are a lot of options available on the market that, in some cases, you can acquire for a lower price. Which are they then? Let’s investigate.

1. The 150cc Vespa Primavera

Let’s now discuss a scooter classic that is currently quite popular on the market. And that’s the traditional Italian Vespa Primavera, which made its debut in 1967.

The current Primavera is not the original. A much better one, though. Based on the original, this new Primavera design has been greatly enhanced in many ways.

This Vespa boasts a powerful 155cc engine with a top speed of 65 mph, which is 5 mph faster than the Honda Super Cub.

Additionally, the Vespa offers a few advantages over the Honda. specifically, a larger gasoline tank and a double warranty. The Honda gets substantially worse fuel economy. Even if the Vespa only manages to get 100 mpg, it is still quite good.

Other amenities including ABS brakes, LED headlights, and brake lights are also present. a comfy, ergonomic seat that will greatly improve your driving experience.

In general, it outperforms Honda. Not to mention the four various colors available. There are also expensive special versions available.

However, the MSRP for the base model is $5,349 plus any applicable destination taxes. For $5,900, you can get yourself a Vespa. But verify the costs at your nearby dealership before taking my word for it.

6. Honda Super Cub Street model 50 cc
Honda Super Cub Street model by Humbleradio / CC BY-SA 3.0. The Honda Super Cub has a potent 124.9cc single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke engine. This engine has a 9.3:1 compression ratio and a 52.4 mm bore and 57.9 mm stroke, respectively. The single overhead camshaft, or SOHC, in the motorcycle’s engine, boosts fuel efficiency. To ensure that you visit the gas station less frequently, it also uses two valves per cylinder.

2. The SMAX Yamaha

There are also a ton of additional hip scooters available on the market. And the Yamaha SMAX will be covered in this chapter.

In addition to the Vespa Primavera 150 that we previously discussed, this is another fantastic scooter that is for sale. But why is the SMAX so unique?

This scooter is exceptionally sporty and packs a decent punch because it is a Yamaha. Despite just having a 155cc engine, it drives well.

This motorbike has a 155cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine, as we previously indicated. It uses a four-valve SOHC head design. At 11.0:1, the compression ratio is quite high.

Additionally, it has a computerized TCI that regulates the injection of fuel. This scooter has an automated CVT transmission, which consistently produces exceptionally smooth shifts. Excellent scooter all around.

With 81 MPG, the fuel efficiency is likewise very good. It makes up just over half of the Super cub. But occasionally you have to give something up. Fortunately, it’s not a major issue.

Additionally, the cost is reasonable when compared to the Honda Super Cub. This scooter has an MSRP of $3,799. It has a destination fee that is $35 more expensive.

3. The Honda PCX 150

Let’s discuss another Honda product that could serve as a suitable replacement for the Honda Super Cub Top Speed. And the Honda PCX 150 is that.

This scooter is far more contemporary in design, employs a brand-new strategy, and ensures that you are operating a 21st-century vehicle. This scooter has fantastic design elements and stands out from other vehicles on the road.

The 150cc engine displacement is what links the Super Cub with this scooter. it equalizes their engine sizes. However, this new scooter has a considerably more sophisticated and contemporary appearance.

Producing 13 horsepower as opposed to the Super Cub’s 9.7. This also ensures that this scooter slightly outpaces the Honda Super Cub top speed.

There are a lot of amenities, like LED lighting, an LED instrument display in front of you, and enough storage space for some goods.

7. The 1969 Honda Super Cub

The 1969 Honda Super Cub by Dennis Bratland / CC BY-SA 3.0. The Honda Super Cub has a potent 124.9cc single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke engine. This engine has a 9.3:1 compression ratio and a 52.4 mm bore and 57.9 mm stroke, respectively. Additionally, although its engine only produces 9.7 horsepower, that is enough to propel this motorcycle fairly quickly.

Additionally, given the capabilities it delivers, it is surprisingly inexpensive. costing $3,699 before the destination fee, which varies according to the model.

The Conclusion

We have talked a lot about the Honda Super Cub top speed in this article. We now know the history of the Honda Super Cub and what makes this kind of motorbike, also known as an underbone motorcycle, tick.

After that, we discussed the features and characteristics of this motorcycle. We discussed the dimensions, engines, suspension, and other crucial components. The most crucial is the insanely high fuel efficiency of over 180 mpg.

Then we discovered where, how, and how much you can purchase one for yourself. Then, if you are unable to obtain a Honda Super Cub, we provided three additional options in the same price range.

8. Honda Super Cub Top Speed 9. Honda Super Cub Top Speed
The Super Cub’s early push-rod engine by Dbratland / CC BY-SA 3.0